Sex workers and their clients


A large proportion of sex workers will have some contact mechanism for their clients, however, contact tracing may be challenging for a proportion of sex workers, where contact details are not always known and therefore contact is not possible. However, other sex workers may have met clients online where profiles, email addresses and mobile telephone numbers are usually available, and contact is possible either by the person or by contact tracing services. 

Some may find the email or SMS notification services that are available online helpful. SeeWays of Notifying Contacts 

Sex workers face a high level of stigma and discrimination in many facets of their lives, including in healthcare. As such, contract tracing services should work sensitively with the sex worker towards the best possible outcome. Research demonstrates that sex workers in Australia have maintained high levels of condom use and low rates of BBVs and STIs.[1-3]

Contact Scarlet Alliance or the local State and Territory Sex Worker Organisations if assistance or information is required:


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Page last updated October 2022