Example of Partner Notification – Jason



Listen to the Call



Jason: “Hello? This is Jason, is that the clinic? I just got a text to call you.”

Jenny: “Hi. Yes, this is Jenny. I am a health worker at the clinic... Hi, Jason.”

Jason: “What’s ah, what’s this about?”

Jenny: “Jason, we asked you to call because we need to talk to you about a personal matter. Is it ok to talk now?”

Jason: “Yeah. Go on.”

Jenny: “Jason, part of my job is following up sexually transmissible infections and your name was given to me as a possible contact of somebody with chlamydia.”

Jason: “Who’s given you my name?”

Jenny: “Well I’m sorry, Jason, but it’s important that information like that is kept confidential. Often, I don’t even have that information.”

Jason: “Wasn’t Judy was it?”

Jenny: “Like I said, Jason, I cannot share a contact’s details, and actually I haven’t been given their name. It’s just like we would not give your name to anyone else.”

Jason: “Still think it was Judy!”

Jenny: “I really don’t know who it was Jason. It’s my job to get in touch with people who have been named as being exposed to a possible STI so they can get tested if they have been. So that’s why I’m giving you the chance to get tested”.


Jenny: “Have you heard of chlamydia, Jason?”

Jason: “Yea, I’ve heard of it and I know what it is… but, I don’t know anything else, if you know…?”

Jenny: “Sure. Jason, um chlamydia is an infection you get when you have unprotected sex with someone else who’s got chlamydia. So, it can happen when you have sex without using a condom. There are often no symptoms, so the only way to really know is to get a test.”

Jason: “Yeah, but I still don’t think I have anything.”

Jenny: “Well, that may be true, Jason. Um, but, a lot of people don’t even know they’ve got this infection, and the only way to know is to have a test. Have you ever had unprotected sex?”

Jason: “Yeah, I’ve had a few.”

Jenny: “Ok, so, if you’ve had unprotected sex, then really it puts you at risk of getting an STI anyway, so, regardless of who named you. So, it’s probably really good to have a test done. Do you think you could come to the clinic to get a test today?”

Jason: “Nah, today’s not good.”

Jenny: “The tests and treatment are all free. The test is really simple. It’s a urine test, so all you need to do is pee in a jar. Then, if you’re found to have chlamydia, the treatment is only 2 tablets at the same time.”

Jason: “Ah, ok then”

Jenny: “So, what time do you usually knock off work?”

Jason: “About 4. But ah, I know where you are, so it’s alright.”

Jenny: “Great. So, have you got any questions you want to ask me about Chlamydia before you come in?”

Jason: “Yeah, so what are the symptoms?”

Jenny: “Ok, so, often you don’t have any symptoms. But, sometimes you might have a burning sensation when you pee. But, look, we can discuss these more when you come in if you like.”

Jason: “Alright.”

Jenny: “Alright, see you this afternoon.”


Case Studies courtesy of WA Partner Notification eLearning module 


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