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Partner Notification using Provider Referral - Wayne



Wayne is a champion footballer in the local league. He is well known in his town and region.

 Wayne is in a steady relationship with Tash and they have no children. This morning he presented at the clinic with dysuria and a discharge from his penis. After completing the risk history and taking his tests, it's likely that he has a sexually tranmissable infection.

The male heathcare worker needs to find out from Wayne about his contacts.


Conversation with Wayne

HCP: “Well, Wayne, because of your symptoms, it’s likely you have a sexually transmitted infection or the pox. It could be gonorrhoea or chlamydia. Do you know what chlamydia and gonorrhoea are? and how you could have got them?”

Wayne: “Yeah, I’ve got ‘em both before. I just want the treatment like before, eh?”

HCP: “Err…do you know that repeated infections can sometimes make you sterile?

…what we wanna do is make sure that no one else you’ve been with has these infections.”

Wayne: “Look I’m not telling anyone about this.”

HCP: “We know this is private business and we want you to get better. Look, Wayne, it’s really important to let your partner and others know about these infections; they could get problems like you did, or worse. You don’t have to tell anyone ‘cause I’m gonna help you.”

HCP: “Do you know how many sexual partners you’ve had in the past month or so?”

Wayne: “Well there was the footy final, but I can’t remember that.”

HCP: “It was a big day, I heard. And who was there watching you play?”

Wayne: “Well, Tash of course, and Bree, and her friend who was watching me. We went back to my mate’s place after the game.”

HCP: “Did you have sex with any of them?”

Wayne: “Yeah, there was Bree, but you can’t tell Tash, no way!”

HCP: “Who else can you remember having sex before then, in the past 6 months?”

Wayne: “No one mate, Tash is the only one for me.”

HCP: “Well, we’ve gotta tell them, we might have to… I can tell them without saying who (told us). I can just tell them they’ve gotta come and get some tests and maybe some treatment.”

Wayne: “Look, I don’t know… but ah look, ok. As long as you don’t tell anyone that I gave you their names.”

HCP: “Aw, that’s good; you’re looking after yourself and other people you care about, mate. I’ll get the names and contact details from you. And make sure to come and see Tash when you’re out. I’ll let her know she needs testing a treatment, but I won’t say from who (the contact was)”

Wayne: “Yeah, thanks mate…”

HCP: “No worries. The treatment takes a week to work, so I recommend you don’t have sex with anybody during that week, and that includes Tash. Remember, you or your mates can always get condoms off me to stop getting these infections, all you got to do is contact me”


Case Studies courtesy of WA Partner Notification eLearning module available on lms.ashm.org.au 

Page last updated April 2021